January 12, 2013

Party at Gatsby's!

"Gatsby?...What Gatsby?"
That is a quote from The Great Gatsby, my latest obsession and source of inspiration for today's post.  It all started a couple weeks ago when I saw the trailer for the movie, which comes out May 10. I started reading the book but then gave up about three fourths of the way through and just watched the original movie from 1974. The movie was so awesome that I read the book from the beginning and loved it. So today I took inspiration from Daisy Buchanan, the leading lady in the Great Gatsby, and the fabulous fashions of the roaring 20's. If there's one thing that bothers me about Gatsby, it's his obsession with Daisy. I just think he deserves better.
What I'm wearing: vintage dress, fur coat, and shoes.

Throughout the whole movie, I was like, "OMG! Look at her hair! And the dresses! It's all so fabulous!" The Great Gatsby is a fantastic movie and I recommend that you log onto Netflix and watch it right now. Or boot up your Kindle and download the ebook or even go to the library and check it out.     It's worth it, I promise.


  1. wow! great outfit dear ♥
    Love the fur coat and the vintage dress, great job!

    Michael Macalos

  2. Me encanta tu estilo y tu blog!! te sigo a partir de ahora para quedarme!!

    te animo a que eches un vistazo a mi blog y me sigas si te gusta


    muchos besos!!

  3. ¡Gracias! Voy a ver tu blog :)

  4. Beautiful outfit. The Great Gatsby is one of my favourite books, it's wonderful.




    1. Thanks! It's one of my favorites too.


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