February 14, 2013

Grey Grey Grey

Hey guess what? I'm back! Actually I haven't been away. I've been on Twitter and Tumblr and Wanelo and basically everywhere else on the internet but here because the USB cord for my camera was broken so I couldn't upload pictures. So that's why I haven't been posting (and I also haven't really felt like it).
What I'm wearing: mint green tights from Forever 21, shoes from Forever 21, grey skirt, grey sweater from Forever 21, and grey jacket.

I took these pictures quite a while ago, like the first or second weekend in January. Anyways, happy Valentine's Day, unicorns! Yesterday was our last basketball game which I'm kind of sad about but we have tournaments next Wednesday so I suppose it's not totally over. And of course I'll be the stat/film girl next year (and the next, and the next). It is my favorite thing to do. 
Well adios, unicornios. Enjoy the rest of your Valentine's Day. I hope you get plenty of chocolate.


  1. These photos are so pretty :) I love the skirt you are wearing

  2. I really like the mood of editing of these photos. Somehow it's like you took these in a dream movie scene or sometime when they enter a magical land.
    I also like your sweater, hat and necklace and overall outfit but this sweater really caught my eye :)
    Hmm, also the chocolate I got... my mom bought 3 huge packets of (easter, I guess) chocolate eggs at a discount store this morning! Go mom!

    1. Thanks! My dad got a box of chocolates for my mom but I had a few pieces :)


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